For those times you aren’t feeling your hottest.

“I’m going BALD!” That was the text I sent to my mom, my sister and one of my best friends who was a hairdresser. I made the mistake of asking my Mr. first and he said it just looked lighter, to which I countered with “Lighter or Thinner?” Now I will be the first person to admit that I have had 4 kids and what I looked like has never managed to stay on the top of my priority list for long. I had my best friend and roommate in college teach me how to match my clothes. My cousin did my make up for my wedding because the tutorial she tried the week before proved it was not one of my talents. I’ve had fake nails twice in my life and hated it. All the cute shoes I wear to church my Aunt picked out for me. Clearly, this is not where I excel. It was easy for me after popping out a couple of kids to fall into the sweats and ponytail look. I decided a long time ago that I value sleep more than getting up early and making myself look good. I applaud my many friends and family who are gifted in this area and look stunning on a daily basis. This is another area where I say I have other talents and then trail off hoping no one asks me to elaborate.

There have been moments when I thought I wanted to look like one of those “hot moms”. I have no idea the state of their homes or how much sleep they get but they look amazing all the time! They rock the yoga pants and the fake eyelashes, their top knot is smooth and stylishly messy versus the perpetual frizz I sport daily. I always say that I’ll work on improving my look when the kids are older and sleep is not….my precious (insert Gollum voice here). BUT UNTIL THEN…I try my best to wear real pants when I leave the house, keep the frizzy ponytail as controlled as possible and mostly focus on walking out of places with the same amount of children as I walked in with. I’m lucky enough to have a husband who doesn’t expect me to look a certain way or wear certain things. I remember once I got a cut and color and my cousin asked if I thought my hubby would like it. I laughed and said he probably won’t even notice and he didn’t which is great. The only pressure I have is what I put on myself.  I’ve noticed that the older I get the less I care what society thinks I should be doing or what I should be wearing.

So with all that background info you can see that things have to be pretty bad when I’m actively looking for a beauty solution like balding. I try not to dwell on the negative if I can help it and look for a plan of action as soon as possible. I messaged my hairdresser friend first and said, “Tips for post pregnancy hair loss/balding….and go!” Her reply of its normal, you aren’t balding, it will work itself out was true so I took the above picture as Exhibit A and relayed the it just looks lighter comment from Mr.Helpful. She is the kind of no BS friend who you go to for honestly and her Yowzzza reply said it all. I laughed and cried a little but she had already sent me the picture of a supplement to get at the grocery store before I could type anything back. I got similar honest answers and pep talks from my mom and sister.

I guess my point is that we all go through a lot to keep these tiny humans alive and most of the time our personal needs get put on the back burner. So to all the hot moms I love and respect, you just wait, I will be hounding you for tips and trick very soon when I get around to wearing make up every day and buying non-maternity pants. To all the moms who realize after they left the house that there is a mystery stain on their shirt, cheer up, at least your remembered to wear pants. It’s not always going to be like this. As for me, I’m going to tough it out until my hormones get their act together and try my best to not clog the drains and terrify my children with the spider looking clump of my hair in the shower.

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